You do not need to be pre-diagnosed to see Dr. Watkins. If you are self-referred, he will perform tests during your initial consultation, and can perform some of the procedures the same-day.

In-office procedures are defined as procedures that can be completed safely under local anesthesia without the need for sedation or general anesthesia. The advantages of completing these select procedures under local anesthesia are the following:

  • Cost control- no high “Facility Fee”, no anesthesia fee
  • The payment, in some cases, can be applied to your deductible
  • No need for fasting
  • You may continue all your medications, even some blood thinners
  • The procedure in some cases can be completed on the same visit as the consultation
  • No change in complication or infection rates compared to hospital based cases
Office Based Procedure
Excision benign superficial lesion
Excision fingernail matrix
Reconstruction fingernail bed
Dequervains release
Excision ganglion cyst
Trigger finger release
Dupuytren’s release
Extensor tendon repair
Finger amputation
Open carpal tunnel release
Repair of nerve ( hand or finger)

**Please contact our office if you are interested in arranging a payment plan

Please refer to our Cash Policy Agreement if you choose to not use insurance.